I am Belle Doronien and this is my magical place. You are most welcome. <3

My interests include fantasy, anything related to celtic and norse mythology, music (I play the violin and I'm currently learning the tin whistle), nature, magic, jewelry, art, books, Lord of the Rings (or should I say the Tolkien universe in general)... I think you might figure it out just by looking at the type of stuff I post/repost.

I like to reblog things that I like here, but you'll also find new content, both things I've found from other sources (such as We heart it, Deviantart) and things I've made myself - nature pictures I've taken, new costumes I've made, pictures of my musical instruments, figurines, crystals... well, hang around to see what it's like here. ^.~

I really hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.